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The benefits of frangible seals in diagnostic Point-of-Care testing

Published Frangible seals enable the controlled release of reagents, eliminating the need for complex fluid handling systems while lowering costs and enhancing the performance of POC test devices. Changes in healthcare economics are clearly having an impact on point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing. Market demand for remote testing is driving companies to develop easy-to-use platforms versus […]

Achieving cost effectiveness in Point-of-Care diagnostic devices with frangible seals

The point-of-care (POC) in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market is¬†continuing to grow, with speculation that IVD could become the leading niche in the medical device industry by 2020 with more than $65 billion in sales. POC testing is supported by continuous technology improvements and the recognition that rapid test results offer economic benefits and potential patient benefits […]

Signed and Sealed

Rick Crane, Innovation Services Group, J-Pac Medical explains how frangible and burst seal technology enables optimised microfluidic diagnostic platforms Microfluidics technology allows for extremely precise, small volumes of fluids to be dispensed via microscale devices. This has many implications for the medical market – particularly in regard to diagnostic applications. Microfluidic diagnostic platforms utilising on-chip […]