Our manufacturing packaging services for purchased or consigned products include all sterile, disposable medical device packaging formats, including:

  • Rigid tray/lid
  • Flexible form/fill/seal
  • Peelable Chevron pouches
  • Header bag formats
  • Barrier and breathable formats
  • Gas-flushed flows

Full-service capabilities for all of your turnkey and thermoformed medical device packaging needs

J-Pac Medical’s highly skilled team has the industry expertise necessary to partner with customers to create an effective and innovative medical device packaging solution for any product delivery challenge. We provide development, tooling fabrication and process validation – all conducted on-site in quality-controlled clean room environments. J-Pac Medical manufactures millions of sterile barrier packages annually with clean room and non-clean room flows.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of medical grade polycarbonate trays that are dry heat or autoclave sterilization-compatible, as well as lyophilization processing trays that can incorporate post-forming machining of required processing features. J-Pac Medical also provides PETG and polystyrene trays for EtO and gamma sterilization flows.


J-Pac Medical offers form/fill/seal capability in flexible or rigid formats with a wide variety of bottom and top stocks available. Using equipment in Class 8 clean rooms, J-Pac Medical provides printed, sterile barrier packaging to meet our customers’ unique product packaging requirements.

Shuttle Tray Sealing

J-Pac Medical provides vertically integrated packaging services for sterile barrier rigid tray packaging flows. We manufacture medical grade thermoformed trays in our Class 8 clean rooms and provide packaging and heat sealing through our shuttle heat sealing flows in Class 7 clean rooms. With our on-site capabilities and in collaboration with trusted partners, J-Pac Medical provides all downstream secondary packaging needs within these flows, including sterilization.


Peelable pouch packaging formats for consistent performance during sterile transfer

Pouch packaging

J-Pac Medical provides pouch packaging formats through pre-made three-side sealed pouches or inline four-side sealing flows. Sterile barrier formats are available in breathable or barrier formats and gas flushed formats are available. All are peelable formats to provide consistent performance during sterile transfer.

Thermoformed Trays

J-Pac Medical established its commitment to innovation when the company became the first to manufacture thermoformed trays in clean rooms. Today, we offer design services, tooling fabrication, and tray forming in a seamless, quality controlled environment. We process all trays in Class 8 clean rooms and incorporate sterile delivery techniques into every tray design.

J-Pac Medical specializes in the design and manufacture of polycarbonate trays that are dry heat or autoclave sterilization-compatible. J-Pac Medical’s lyophilization processing trays can incorporate post-forming machining of needed processing features, including flanges, vents, tabs, and others. J-Pac Medical also provides PETG and polystyrene trays for EtO and gamma sterilization flows.

We work in close collaboration with trusted strategic partners to conduct and validate medical device packaging sterilization to provide assurance to our customers that their products are delivered to the highest quality standard.