J-Pac Medical to Display Industry-Leading Blisters for Diagnostic Test Applications at AACC Expo 2016

Highlighting New Lab-on-Chip Reagent Blister Development Kits and Frangible and Burst Seal Technology for Diagnostic Testing

 WHO: J-Pac Medical, a trusted manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner for medical device and diagnostic companies seeking to deliver superior quality, improve time-to-market and simplify their supply chain. The largest OEMs in the world rely on J-Pac to help meet their development, manufacturing, and logistics and supply chain challenges.

WHAT: As a well-recognized pioneer of lab-on-chip reagent delivery technology, J-Pac Medical will exhibit at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo to showcase its frangible and burst seal reagent blisters for both development stage and commercial customers. The company will also demonstrate new blister development kits which enable customers to test the use of reagent blisters with their microfluidic formats.

Company representatives will spotlight how J-Pac Medical’s frangible and burst seal technology reduces test complexity by storing and enabling the controlled release of testing reagents, eliminating the need for complex fluid handling. As a result, the device manufacturer is able to better control performance variability, reduce overall manufacturing and disposal costs, and simplify the end-user experience.

Attendees will also learn about J-Pac Medical’s new high-volume on-chip reagent blister manufacturing capabilities specifically designed for the company’s reagent blister technology. J-Pac Medical’s full spectrum of production capabilities is designed for customers experiencing rapid growth in the commercialization of new microfluidic-based diagnostics — from prototyping, pilot production, clinical trials, product launch, and full commercialization. As the market leader for reagent blisters, J-Pac can now manufacture tens of millions reagent blisters to support customers from concept through global commercialization.

WHERE:  Pennsylvania Convention Center
Booth 4272
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

WHEN: AACC will take place July 31- August 4, 2016.

 To schedule a press briefing contact Kay Kelly at kay.kelly@svmpr.com