Located in convenient proximity to Boston, MA, J-Pac Medical has a state-of-the-art facility, offering 60,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing space in Somersworth, NH. Within our primary facility, J-Pac Medical offers a total of eleven clean rooms, including nine ISO Class 7 Clean Rooms and two ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms. These purpose-built areas include rooms that provide low humidity manufacturing environments, as well as a Solvent Scouring Room for the handling of bioresorbable polymers.

The extensive on-site tool room at J-Pac Medical enables the rapid development of customized tooling for nearly every medical device and diagnostic application. J-Pac Medical’s tool room includes a variety of computer-controlled and precision machinery to support the fabrication of custom tools to meet specific customer requirements. By offering custom fabrication capabilities, we help customers increase efficiency, avoid costly equipment investments, and reduce time to market.

As part of our commitment to meeting specific customer requirements, J-Pac Medical offers on-site construction, start-up and validation of custom-built clean rooms, under the direction of our manufacturing experts. This rapid construction of customized clean rooms allows J-Pac Medical customers to increase manufacturing space within the J-Pac Medical facility, thereby controlling costs while adhering to their specific manufacturing requirements (including environmental controls) and ensuring confidentiality.