image9As a recognized industry pioneer in lab-on-chip reagent delivery, J-Pac Medical produces custom blisters for both development stage and commercial customers in the medical diagnostics industry. These blisters provide a sophisticated, cost-effective solution for dispensing reagents on lab-on-chip test formats by allowing a unit of measure to be precisely delivered to a target well or reaction zone. To better support the diagnostics industry, J-Pac now offers development kits to allow customers to test the use of reagent blisters with their microfluidic formats.

J-Pac Medical has developed two reagent delivery technologies to deliver reagents on common lab-on-chip formats: burst and frangible seal blisters. Burst blisters come in a dome format and are typically used in applications where the test equipment pierces and evacuates the fluid. Frangible seal blister technology is used to deliver controlled release of reagents using J-Pac’s differential seal technology. These blisters come in two standard formats: teardrop and teacup.

There are three categories of development kits for each blister configuration:

  • Standard fluid volumes using water
  • Standard fluid volumes using the customer’s reagent
  • Custom fluid volumes using the customer’s reagent


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J-Pac Medical’s frangible and burst seals offer a convenient way to bring new or improved diagnostic products to market quickly and affordably. Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) platforms utilizing J-Pac Medical reagent blisters help eliminate multi-step lab processes where human error and instrument contamination are most likely to occur.

Kits come in standard quantities of 100 blisters. To order or request pricing please contact customer service at 1.603.692.9955